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8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Cattails

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Everyone has been there. You start playing a game and then you find features late into the game and this makes you frustrated. That happened to me in Cattails, the cat life simulation game. In this post, I am going to show you 8 things I wish I knew before starting Cattails.

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Cattails Community Board

I went through 2 seasons on Cattails without realizing that there was a task board. The game never mentions it as far as I know. I just decided to interact with it one day to see if it did anything. 

Red circle showing the task board in Cattails
The task board in Cattails

The task board is important because it helps explain more of the game features, like gifting other colonies to raise reputation. Not only that, you earn points and rewards from completing tasks and you can redeem the points for more cool stuff!

Location of black hare , definitely something I wish I knew before Starting Cattails

This is one of the most annoying tasks you have to do for one of the stone pillars in the temple. This black hare is a very rare spawn in Cattails, and I spent a very long time looking for it. The BEST LOCATION for finding the hare is in the same location as the mine north of the forest colony. 

People on reddit reported that it can spawn in the same forest areas as normal rabbits but the spawn rate is higher at the mine then any other place and I agree!!! The hare is still very hard to get depending on where it spawns due to its speed.  It can fly off the screen before you even notice it was there.   

Red circle shows the mine location in Cattails.
The location of the hare is in the same square as the entrance to this mine.


Mining is something I wish I knew. The game never mentions it and unless you find the mine, you would never know that it was a feature. Mining is the main way to get mole cash. Mole cash can be used to get rewards from the mole. 

Go to the Mines to Catch Easy Prey, Another Thing I Wish I Knew Before Starting Cattails

Catching prey for food was difficult for me in the beginning. The mine is a great place because there is only one exit. Squirrels and mice tend to spawn there. If the prey notices you, chase them toward a corner and swipe at them. Dinner time!!

If you still have trouble hunting, pay attention to the next section.

Turning game on easy mode to get the hang of hunting

You can change difficulty in Cattails at any time. So, if you are still having trouble catching prey, lower the difficulty to easy until you get the hang of hunting. Once you do, you can put it back to normal.

Seasons only have 10 days, Something I Wish I Knew Before Starting Cattails

Seasons in Cattails are very short, compared to Stardew Valley. This means there is less time to forage for seasonal items. In the winter, most forage is scarce, and you cannot hunt for most fish either. You will definitely have to stock up during the warmer seasons to address the shortages. 

You get Rejected Unless They Have Five Hearts

Eventually, CoCo will tell you about the rose that grows at the temple. However, if you present that rose to a datable cat that has less than 5 hearts, they will reject you. Yes, I found out the hard way. 

This is something I wish I knew before starting Cattails. It would have saved my cat some embarrassment from Lyrus rejecting them. Well, they are off to try to woo Doc now.

You Can Catch Bugs

I actually learned this from the task board. You will need bugs for the stone pillars. You can sell the bugs for mews and give them as gifts too. All you need to do is swipe at the bugs and they are yours.

Catching bugs is something I wish I Knew before starting Cattails
A bug is circled in this picture.

That’s The 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Cattails.

Just a recap, they were:

  • Community Board
  • Location of the black hare 
  • Mining
  • Go to the mine to catch easy prey
  • Change difficulty levels for easy hunting
  • Seasons only last 10 days
  • You get rejected if you have less than 5 hearts with the other cat
  • You can catch bugs
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