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Animal Crossing New Horizons Myths: True or Not?

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4 Animal Crossing New Horizons Myths: True or Not?

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There are so many rumors and myths surrounding Animal Crossing New Horizons. It is hard to know what is true and what is not. In this post, I test several Animal Crossing New Horizons myths to see what is real and what is not.

1. Animal Crossing New Horizon Myth: Balloon Colors 

Notice how flying balloons are carried by colored balloons? I saw a pin on Pinterest where they claim that you can determine what type of item is in the balloon by the color. This is not true. It is more accurate to say that you have a better chance of getting bells with yellow and materials with blue.

Red and Green balloons cannot carry bells or materials. I also found that the red and green balloons spawn more than the yellow and blue. Maybe the graph of my findings will help demonstrate this.

If you were relying on the balloon colors to farm seasonal DIYs, I hope this enlightened you. Do not be skipping yellow and blue balloons because they can contain DIY recipes, maybe even the seasonal DIYs you are looking for.

(If you are interested in seasonal DIYs, learn about the winter ones in How To Make The Most Out of Animal Crossing New Horizons Winter.)

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons Myth – Balloon Spawning

Can you really spawn balloons for you to farm seasonal DIYs? Actually yes you can. The problem lies with the method. If you look on Youtube, you will see different methods for spawning the balloons. Some claim you need to enter Nooks Cranny at a certain time while others say it is not needed.

I needed this to work to test the myth above so I tried various methods until I finally found something that worked for me. 

Many videos said that the balloons spawn at the 4-minute or 9-minute mark.  For me, it was every 5 or 0 minute mark.

In order for me to spawn the balloons, I first had to determine the wind direction so I know which beach to go to. The next step was that I had to enter Nooks Cranny at every 3 and 7-minute mark, talk to the raccoons by either selling something or pretending to buy something. 

After that, leave and head to the beach and wait towards the bottom of the beach and wait till the 0 or the 5-minute mark and head to the top of the beach and you will mostly find a balloon with a present floating toward your island. Just beware, this worked 90% of the time. There will be a few times that it doesn’t spawn. 

The video that helped me was one by Nell plays. Check it out if you need a visual.

3. Animal Crossing New Horizon Myth: Orville Blushing

There is a rumor floating around that if you make Orville Blush before you go to the mystery Island tour, that you will have a higher chance of going to a rare island. Since I really wanted to go to Bamboo Island, I tried it out.

After using up 10 Nook Miles Tickets and making Orville blush each time, I never went to a rare island. No graph is needed here. Having a 0% rate of going to a rare island using this “trick” I can confirm that this is just a baseless rumor. 

I know that just testing this with just 10 tickets is not great data. (I’m a new player with not very many nook miles to spare.) So if you do not believe me, check out DazzaBound’s video where he does this with 50 tickets.

The trick may not work but I’m sure Orville appreciates the attention.

5. Animal Crossing New Horizons Myth: Redd

This first is more of a misconception than a myth but I wanted to set the record. More than one player can buy from Redd. Redd will only sell one artwork to each player at a time. I think that it also only pertains to that Island. 

To prove that more than one player can buy artwork, I bought one from Redd on my profile. Then I exited the game and used my son’s profile and bought a different art piece from Redd. This is on the same console, same island.

Many people on Reddit hop over to other players’ islands to buy from the Redd there. So more than one player can buy from Redd.

Another misconception is that Redd will only have one real artwork and the rest are fakes. This is not true. You have a higher chance of Redd only having one real artwork. I have seen personally where he had 2 real pieces. (This is why I used my son’s character so I could get 2 real art pieces.) Other players reported Redd’s artwork to be all fakes, 3 real or all real. 

Know More Animal Crossing New Horizons Myths?

Do know any myths or rumors about Animal Crossing that you want me to test? Let me know!

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 Just for a recap, the myths were:

  • Balloon Colors
  • Balloon Spawning
  • Orville Blushing
  • Redd

Hopefully you learned something today.

Also, if you are interested in being prepared for the winter season, check out the How to Make the Most of Winter in Animal Crossing New Horizons

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