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Ultimate Friends of Mineral Town Romance Guide

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Let’s be honest. A lot of times we play a game because there are romance options. Well, you are in luck because Story of Seasons Friends has bachelor/ bachelorettes waiting for their hearts to be stolen. Keep reading to find the one of your character’s dreams. 

Friends Of Mineral Town Romance Basics

In this remake, you can marry a guy or a girl regardless of your character’s gender. In order to raise their love points, you need to talk to your chosen partner every day and give them a gift that they love or like every day. Their love points are measured by hearts.

There are 12 people in Mineral Town with hearts when you first start. However, there are 4 secret characters you can marry as well. (I’ll list them in a separate section so if you guys don’t want it spoiled, you can skip it.)

The bachelors are:

  • Rick
  • Brandon
  • Gray
  • Doctor
  • Kai
  • Cliff

The Bachelorettes are:

  • Karen
  • Jennifer
  • Marie
  • Elly
  • Popuri
  • Ran

Preserved Flower

In order to ask someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to unlock the preserved flower. You do this in one of two ways, by either seeing a blue heart event or if it is Autumn 1. You need to exit your farmhouse between 9 am and 5 pm on a sunny day. Make sure it is not Sunday or Tuesday, the same days that the general store is closed.

Cutscene where Jeff gives Claire a preserved flower,

3 days after the cutscene, leave your farmhouse again between 9 am and 5 pm to get the preserved flower. According to, there is an in-game achievement for giving all the bachelor/bachelorettes a preserved flower. If you want to strive for that, the general store will now sell preserved flowers. 


In order to propose, you need a blue feather. For the blue feather to unlock in the general store, you need to see an orange heart event with a bachelor/bachelorette. However, do not propose just yet or you will get rejected.  (I found out the hard way. Rick you meanie!)

The other requirements are upgrading the house twice and purchasing the big bed. Once you have that, then you can propose. (Trust me, Rick changed his tune once I bought the big bed.) Psst… if you need help making money, check out the van’s favorite trick mentioned in “7 things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Friends in Mineral Town.” 


This section is a list of tips on how to win each bachelors’ heart and where to find them.

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Rick is one of the bachelors.


Brandon can be found by a tree near the unnamed lake early in the morning. Then around 11 am, he can be found inside Gott’s house. The easiest loved item to obtain and give him is wheat flour. Wheat flour is sold at the general store.  


Cliff is usually found at the church until late in the afternoon at the beginning of the game. In the late afternoon, he is in his room at the inn on the top floor. 

He loves a lot of cooked food, especially if they are curry related. Easiest loved food to make him is grilled fish if you know the recipe. (If you need the fishing rod and don’t have one, check out the “7 things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Friends in Mineral Town.” ) If you do not know the recipe, he likes bread that you can buy from the general store.


Doctor is typically found in the doctor’s office but can also be found at Mother’s Hill on Wednesday mornings. The best gift to give him is milk but if you do not have cows then you can give him the colored grasses from Mother’s Hill.


Gray can be found at the blacksmith in the morning, library in the afternoon, and in his room at the top floor of the inn in the evening. If you do not know how to make baked corn, then just give Gray chocolate. 


Kai can be found in the summer at his shop on the beach. If you do not have pineapples on you, you can give him wheat flour or eggs and he will be happy.


Rick can be found hanging out with Karen in front of the general store in the early mornings and then in the afternoons he is found either feeding the chickens outside or found inside the house. He loves eggs and the best egg to give him is the Hot Spring Egg. 


This section is a list of tips on how to win each bachelorettes’ heart and where to find them.

Popuri is one of the bachelorettes.


Elly is usually found at the doctor’s office but she can be found at the general store on Wednesdays. Milk and flowers are the gifts for her. 


Jennifer lives at Mother’s Hill and can normally be found there. Chocolate is the gift for her. 


Karen can be found hanging out with Rick in front of the general store in the early mornings. Once the general store is open, she is usually found there. The gift to give her is wine bought at the winery.


She can be found at Mother Hill’s on Monday in the morning and then at the general store later in the day. However, she can usually be found in the library. Chocolate is the way to go. 


She can be found at the river at Mother’s Hill in the early morning. After that, she is normally found inside the house at the chicken farm. Normal Apples are a great gift for her. 


Ran can be found at the river at Mother’s Hill in the early morning. After that, she is found at the inn. If you have a chicken, give her hot spring eggs. Chocolate from the general store works if you have no chickens.

Secret Marriage Candidates

There are four secret marriage candidates in this game, according to the harvest moon fandom wiki. They are:

  • Harvest Goddess
  • Huang
  • Kappa
  • Von Gourmet

Each one is harder to marry than the normal candidates and they still require the big bed. To marry the harvest goddess or Kappa you need to complete the following. 

  • Catch at least 1 of every species of fish.
  • Ship at least 1 of every shippable item.
  • Collect all 9 of the Goddess Jewels or all 9 Kappa jewels.
  • Dig up every type of item in the Lake Mine and Spring Mine.
  • Must be year 5 or later.
  • Ask Carter for permission to marry the Harvest Goddess or Kappa. This must be done during a confession at church.
  • Ask Harvest Goddess for more points with him/her.

Throw flowers in the river by the spring mine to increase points with the Harvest Goddess and throw Cucumbers into the unnamed lake by the lake mine to increase points with Kappa.

For Gourmet you need to win all the cooking contests categories, cook all recipes and max out his love points. He will take a long time since he only comes once a year. Cookies and Elli leaves are the best gifts for him. 

For Huang, you need to unlock the ability to sell items, buy the vase and play the apple game once. Give him apples to increase his love points.

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Friends of Mineral Town Romance Guide Complete

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