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Gift Ideas for Animal Crossing Fans

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Image credit: Nintendo
Taken by tylergamingwith @ Instagram.

Half the year is over and Christmas is just around the corner. It is time to think about presents especially since there are shortages everywhere. There is a coin shortage, meat shortage, and even microphones are sold out. Now is the time to make sure you get the perfect gift, before it is too late. Listed below are perfect gift ideas for Animal Crossing Fans, even bundles if they do not have the system or the game yet.

First let me gives thanks to tylergamingwith for letting me use his picture. Check out his Animal Crossing Stuff out at Instagram or on YouTube


DIY Present Solutions

Sometimes the best gift, is the one you make yourself. This sections offers DIY  Animal Crossing Christmas or birthday presents. If you do not have the supplies listed, you can get them from Amazon.

DIY Animal Crossing Mugs, flower pots and more!!

A Tom Nook with the Leaf Icon on a Coffee Mug. A great gift for an Animal Crossing Fan.
Maybe, it’s not perfect but I’m not a professional painter. Besides, it’s the thought that counts!

I did the coffee mug version but these will work on flower pots, rocks and more.  Here is what you need:

Step 1: Choose your Animal Crossing image that you want to put on the mug, flower pot, rock, etc. Since you are not making these to sell, Google the image you want to use on your chosen object. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want it. As you can see in the picture, I did the the leaf icon and then I put Tom Nook on top of it.

Step 2: Sketch out your chosen Animal Crossing image with a pencil. On coffee mugs, the pencil markings tend to rub off so be careful. Erase if you make a mistake.

Step 3: Paint the mug. Let the paint dry for one hour between layers. I first painted the base color. After that dried, then I painted the details. When the painting is done, let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: After 24 hours, brush decoupage on the painting.  That way, the paint doesn’t stain the decoupage. Do not thin it out with water. It can remove your painting from your chosen object. Trust me, it did that to my coffee mug and I had to redo it.

Step 5: If it is a coffee mug, bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to cure it. Take it out of the oven and let it cool.

That is all there is to it and trust me, this is the perfect Animal Crossing gift your fan will love.

Perler Beads: Make Coasters, Hair Pins and Magnets.

A Pitfall. An item used in animal crossing.

This is actually my first time making anything from perler beads so I think I did a good job with the Pitfall. Just make sure you have an iron because you cannot bake these in the oven. (I tried that via advice from the internet and let’s just say my pegboard melting and the beads holes widen and the beads shrunk. Bad idea.) This is what you need:

Step 1: Once again google the Animal Crossing image you want to use as reference. There are several perler bead patterns online and even if you do not have the exact shape or size of the peg board picture in the patterns, you can improvise a little like I did with the pitfall. 

Step 2: Sort your beads into different colors. Trust me this is a time saver.

Step 3:  Follow the patterns, making adjustments as needed. You can use the tweezers to place the beads on the peg board. 

Step 4: When you are finished with the design, place the wax paper on top of the design and iron, on the cotton setting, for 10 seconds or until the holes in the beads shrunk. Let it cool.

Step 5: If you were making a coaster, you are done.  If you are using magnets, you can use the adhesive magnet chips on the melted side. If you are making hair clips, hot glue the hair pins on the melted side of the perler bead design and voila. These are great gift ideas for Animal Crossing Fans!

Gaming Accessories

Gamers need more than just the game. I mean, how can you control the player without the controller? How can you play the game without the console. Plus, many accessories also look cool in their collection. Here is several Animal Crossing accessories for fans.


Your Animal Crossing doesn’t even have the system and the game yet? Don’t worry, you can get what they need in a bundle. There are two different ones, one with the V.2 Switch or the Switch Lite. Both come with the game and a glass screen protector.

The Switch Lite bundle has a carrying case but doesn’t have the full features as the normal Switch does. There is more information on the case below in the case section of this post. Check out GameStop for the current price.



Pictured above are the officially licensed Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch from GameStop. They make a great gift idea for Animal Crossing fans. These controllers have either a Timmy and Tommy Nook or a K. K. Slider design. The controllers work not only for this game, but other games as well like Super Smash Bros. 

In fact, this type of controller is my go to controller for Super Smash Bros. The buttons are bigger than the Joy-Con and the controller is more accurate as well. 

These controllers are Bluetooth with 2 buttons that can be mapped.  It also has motion controls and it works with the Nintendo Switch lite as well. They take AA batteries. I would recommend rechargeable ones. 

GameStop also have pre-owned controllers as well but I recommend the new ones because they come with a two year warranty from Power A, the brand of the controllers. Keep in mind that these controllers do not support HD rumble, IR, or Amiibo NFC. Check out the current prices at Gamestop. 

Amiibos, A Perfect Gift Idea for Animal Crossing Fans. 

Amiibos make great gifts! Not only can they be used as a figurine in their collection, but amiibos can be used in the games too! In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can use most of the Animal Crossing amiibos at the Island, Photopia, and get a photoshoot with them. Also, they can use the amiibos to invite villagers to the campsite.

These amiibos can also be used in other games! In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, using the amiibos will give you chests full of items. You can use all the amiibos, once a day to really rack up supplies. 

GameStop has 5 styles left:

If they already have those, Amazon has other styles like the ones below! Click on the links to view the current price. 

3 pack amiibos. A Great gift idea for Animal Crossing Fans.
Image Credit: Amazon

Animal Crossing Official Companion Guide

This Official Animal Crossing Companion Guide is the perfect reference guide for the Animal Crossing fan in your life. The guide contains money making tips, design tips and reference photos of the top islands to give them inspiration for their perfect paradise.

This Companion Guide contains a catalog of items at furniture, clothes and musuem exhibit items. The book also contains a bookmark. Now keep in mind that this guide came out before the events therefore, none of the event items are technically in the book. However, the publisher provided a PDF of the event items that you can print out and add to the book.

Check out the current price at GameStop

Animal Crossing Switch Carrying Cases

These carrying cases pictured are different because one is for the Switch Lite and the other is for the original Switch. They both have the leaf icon many Animal Crossing Fans are familiar with. Not only will it hold your system but these cases can also hold 8 games and cords, or more games, in the mesh section.

With these cases are the screen protectors. They are plastic and are the exact size of the Switch screen.  The Switch cases also have a flap you can use as a built in stand. The cases are made from hard sealed fabric to protect the system and they also provide a padded insert to protect the screen.

Keep in mind that the chargers may not fit in the mesh section of the carrying cases but if that isn’t a problem then these carrying cases are a great gift idea for Animal Crossing Fans. Check the current price at GameStop. 

The All in One Case

An Animal Crossing carrying case that holds everything. A great gift idea for Animal Crossing Fans!
Image credit: Amazon

So if the lack of the ability to carry the charger steered you away from the other cases, then this may be the solution for you. This case has the exact same style as the others but, this holds a Switch or the Switch Lite, all the cables, the dock, pro controller, a poke-ball, and the Joy-Con grip. That’s a lot but that is not all!

This case also holds 21 games and the mesh section can hold HDMI cables and more! Also this case has a handle and a shoulder strap. Check on Amazon for the current price or to view other cases as well. 

Clothing and Accessories: Great Gift Ideas for Animals Crossing Fans

Imagine credit: Amazon

Shirts are always a great gift idea! This one above is from the Brand, Animal Crossing on Amazon and this style shirt is available in different colors. If this design isn’t the one, Animal Crossing has 13 pages of different styles, designs and colors. They have short-sleeved, long-sleeved, hoodies and more! Click the link to check them out! 

If your fan are like me, they are always in need of socks because, well socks go missing. These cute Animal Crossing socks should do the ticket, just check out Amazon for the current price. 

That’s the Great Gift Ideas for the Animal Crossing Fans

Did you get inspired and found great gift ideas for your Animal Crosssing Fans? I hope so. If you did, please pin the image to share with your friends and followers! If you need gift ideas for Stardew Valley Fans, just click the link to view the post and I’ll see you next time!

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