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Ultimate Stardew Valley Secret Notes Guide

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Ultimate Stardew Valley Secret Note Guide

Have a hard time finding secrets in Stardew Valley or you rather have something point the way to those secrets? That’s where the Stardew Valley secret notes come in!

The Stardew valley secret notes were added in the 1.3 update. In this post, I will tell you what they are, where to find the secret notes, and what these Stardew Valley secret notes contain. 

If you are more of a visual person, here is the video version of the post. If you are a reader, continue on.  

What are Stardew Valley Secret Notes?

Secret Notes are dropped items, that when consumed, it unlocks a secret message that can be viewed later under the secret note menu. Some secret notes contain a gift list for an NPC or a group of NPCs. What is nice about this, is that the gifts mentioned are added to the NPC(s) loved and like gifts list.

(If you do not know how to view this, go to the relationship menu and click on the person whom you would like to see their favorite gifts. Then it will show up.)

Other notes contain treasure maps, locations of secret items and events, and pictures. 

How to get Secret Notes 

In order to unlock the secret notes, you need to find the magnifying lens. During winter, go to the bus stop before 4 pm. You will a shadow person run away.

This scene starts the quest, “A Winter Mystery.” Head to town and you will see footprints. Follow the footsteps to a bush by the playground. Examine it and the shadow person will give the magnifying lens to you.

Now the secret notes can be found by slaying monsters, fishing, digging, chopping trees, and mining.

Stardew Valley Secret Notes list

This are all the secret notes in order.

Secret Note #1

Stardew Valley Secret notes 1

This is basically a list of what Abigail loves to get as presents. If you want to know more about everyone’s favorite gifts, read “The Ultimate Stardew Valley Gifts Guide.”

Secret Note #2

This is Sam’s holiday shopping list. It lists favorite gifts for Penny, Sebastian, Sam, Jodi, Vincent, and Kent.

Secret Note #3

One of stardew valley secret notes

This is a list of items Leah loves.

Secret Note #4

This is a list of Maru’s favorite items. 

Secret Note #5

One of Stardew Valley Secret notes you can find.

This is Penny’s holiday shopping list. It lists favorite gifts for Pam, Jas, Vincent, George, and Evelyn.

Secret Note #6

This is a list of Saloon’s Special Orders for Mayor Lewis, Marnie, Demetrius, and Caroline. (If you need gift ideas for a Stardew Valley fan read, Gift Ideas for A Stardew Valley Fan.) 

Secret Note #7

This just lists Harvey’s, Shane’s and Elliott’s favorite items to receive as a gift.

Secret Note #8

This is the stardew valley secret note 8

This is a letter from Haley’s and Emily’s mom and dad. This just lists some of their favorite gifts. 

Secret Note #9

This lists Alex’s favorite foods.

Secret Note #10

Finally, we get to the more interesting stuff. To get this Stardew Valley secret note, you need to first finish the quest, “Qi’s Challenge”. Then, once you read this note, it will start the quest “Cryptic Note”.

When you meet Qi on the 100th floor, you will get an iridium snake milk which will increase your health by 25 points. 

Secret Note #11

Stardew Valley Secret Notes 11

A picture of a woman with a child on a ranch. The ranch looks like Marnie’s and the woman looks like a skinner, younger Marnie with a toddler that looks like Jas. Now, some theorize that this woman could be Marnie’s sister and also Jas’s mother. 

The only known relationship is that Shane is Jas’s godparent and Shane is Marnie’s nephew so I do not know how Marnie’s sister would fit in this. No one knows what this picture is for. 

Secret Note #12

One of the Stardew Valley secret notes discusses some of the items you can find from the garbage cans around town (If you didn’t know that you can dig through trash in this game, read 13 Things I wish I knew about Stardew Valley.)

Secret Note #13

Jumino Plush listed in one of the stardew valley secret notes

At noon, on the 28th of any season, shake the bush above the playground for a furniture item. It is a Jumino Plush. 

Secret Note #14

If you joined Joja mart. the community center turns into a warehouse.

On the right side, behind the community center by the wooden fence is a hidden furniture item, the Jumino Statue. Hit it with a pickaxe or hoe to obtain it. 

Secret Note #15

During Winter, there is a Night Market event that lasts for 3 days. When you are at the Night Market, go to the Mermaid Show, which is on a boat to the far right. When you are at the show, hit the clams in this order 1-5-4-2-3 to get a pearl. You have to wait for the Mermaid Show to end before you can interact with the clams.

Secret Note #16

Treasure location for one of the stardew valley secret notes

This particular one of Stardew Valley Secret notes is a treasure map. Just travel to the train tracks and in the top left of this area is a boulder by the tunnel. Dig to the right of that boulder to find the treasure.

Secret Note #17

This is another treasure map. This is on the right side of the river north of Joja Mart, or the Movie theater if you turned the abandoned Joja Mart into one. Dig the spot at the top to find a green strange doll.

Secret Note #18

Yet another treasure map. This treasure is in the desert. Hop on the bus to get to the desert. Go to the bottom left of the map to find a bench. Dig at the spot South-East of the bench to find a Yellow Strange Doll.

Secret Note #19

a rare item is found by using one of the Stardew Valley secret notes

The house in the secret note is 1 Willow Lane and the starting point is right at the door. Then you must follow the directions. Walk left till you cannot move anymore, then up until you cannot move anymore, so on and so forth. Eventually, you should be behind Mayor Lewis’s house. There should be a golden Lewis statue to claim by shaking a bush.

If you want to humiliate him, stick that statue anywhere in Pelican Town. As long as no NPC walks through it, it will be replaced by a rotten plant and you will receive a letter from Mayor Lewis. The statue can then be found in either Lewis’s room or Marnie’s room.

Secret Note #20

This is another one of the Stardew Valley secret notes that has a set of directions for you. First, make sure you have a rabbit’s foot in your inventory.

This time, the starting point is at the center of the town square. This time go right till you cannot move anymore and follow the directions like so. You should reach the truck outside the Joja Mart. Talk to the driver inside and trade your rabbit foot for a Special Charm. 

Secret Note #21

They ran so fast before I could a screenshot!

At 12:40 am, go to the bush indicated on the secret note to find Marnie and Lewis hiding in there. 

Secret Note #22

One of the Stardew Valley Secret notes give you a hint for this quest

This is actually a hint on how to start “The Mysterious Qi” quest. This note is not required to start the quest, however. If you do not know how to start the quest, take a battery pack to the tunnels left of the bus stop. Insert the battery pack into a panel in the tunnel walls and viola. 

Secret Note #23

Bring maple syrup to the secret woods before 7 pm for a cutscene and gain the Bear’s Knowledge perk.

Secret Note #24

Placing a gem in a Jumino hut will change the colors of the Juminos that come out of that hut. 

Secret Note #25

Character found the missing necklace listed in one of the Stardew Valley secret notes
Weird place to fish isn’t it? Then again, who would have thought about fishing for necklaces anyway?

The missing necklace is in the spa water that is draining outside by the door of the spa. Fish it out.

You only have 2 different people you can give this to, Abigail and Caroline. If you try to give the necklace to someone else, you will get a message saying that this the wrong person.

Obviously, your relationship points will rise with the person you give it to. According to the wiki, Abigail earns a greater amount of relationship points than Caroline.

Ultiamte Stardew Valley Secret Notes Guide pin

Pin me!!!!

That is all the Stardew Valley Secret Notes!

That’s a lot of secret notes. Hopefully this will help you uncover some secret notes for yourself. Read, 13 Things I Wish I Knew about Stardew Valley for more tips!!

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