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Stardew Valley 1.5 NPC Guide

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Stardew Valley 1.5 update added news NPCs to the game. The following NPCs added are:

  • Leo
  • Birdie
  • Professor Snail
  • Gourmand Frog

Leo is the only one with heart events. The rest are the NPCs that just offer quests and rewards. This post will go over all the new NPCs and their quests/rewards.

Stardew Valley 1.5 NPC – Birdie

Birdie is an older lady, who lost her pirate husband and she stays on the island to watch over his remains. She can be found fishing on the western beach of Ginger Island.

In order to reach Birdie, you will need to feed this parrot 10 golden walnuts to awaken the turtle. This bird will appear after you venture a little into the volcano and talk to Leo in his treehouse.

You can watch the video below for the solution to the quest or you can read the written solution below. 

After waking the turtle, go all the way west to see a lady fishing by the hut. This is Birdie. She tasks you with finding a memento of her late husband and gives you a picture of a soldier. 

Give this picture to Kent and he will give you the gourmet tomato salt. Next, give it to Gus for a Stardew Valley Rose. Give the rose to Sandy in the desert for an advanced tv remote.

Next, give it to George for an arctic shard. Give the shard to the wizard to get a wiggly worm. Visit Wille and give him the wiggly worm for the pirate’s locket. After all that, visit Birdie again and give her the pirate’s locket. She will give you the fairy dust recipe and 5 golden walnuts. 

The fairy dust is used to make machinery complete its process immediately. However, if used on casks in the cellar, it only makes the aging product go up a quality level not straight to iridium level.

After the quest is over, you will still find her fishing on sunny days but she only says a few quotes.

Stardew Valley 1.5 NPC – Professor Snail

Professor Snail is on the island to study bones. He has a tent in the northern part of the island, below the volcano.

However, you need to free him from a cave-in first. West of the tent is a dig site. If you do not have access to this part, you need to give a parrot 10 golden walnuts to build a bridge across the river to reach the dig site. You will see dialogue coming behind a boulder in the cliff. Use a bomb to clear the boulder and let the professor out. (Note: This cave has mushrooms in it.)

He will give your rewards for filling out surveys and completing fossil displays. 

Here are the locations of the fossils you need for Professor Snail. 

The large animal fossils are found at:

  • Fossiled Skull – found by cracking golden coconuts
  • Fossiled ribs – found by pick axing bone nodes at the dig site, or by artifact dig spots at the dig site.
  • Fossiled Leg – found by pick axing bone nodes at the dig site
  • Fossiled Tail – panning in the river at the dig site
  • Fossiled Spine – fishing in the river at the dig site

Completing the large animal fossil for Professor Snail nets you six Golden Walnuts. 

The snake fossils are found at:

  • Snake Skull – fishing on the western beach with the island farm or from artifact dig spots on the western beach
  • Snake Vertebrate (*Note: You need two) – artifact dig sports on the western beach

Completing the snake fossil for Professor Snail nets you three Golden Walnuts.

The mummified bat can be found by pickaxing rocks inside the volcano or by killing Lava Lurks in the lava pools inside the volcano. Use a burglar ring, bought from the adventure guild store, to increase the chances with the Lava Lurks method. Professor Snail will give you one Golden Walnut for the donation.

The mummified frog can be found by cutting weeds in the jungle. Donating the mummified frog nets you one Golden Walnut. 

There are two surveys about the island. One is how many purple flowers are on the island, 18. The other is how many purple starfish are on the island, 22.  Answering each survey correctly gives you one Golden Walnut. If you answer the survey wrong, you will have to wait a whole game day to try again.

Completing everything will net you the ostrich incubator so you can hatch ostrich eggs!

Stardew Valley 1.5 NPC- Gourmand Frog

Once you restore the sleeping hut and grow some crops on the farm area on Ginger Island, there will be a cave opening right by the hut. Go inside to meet Gourmand Frog. He will request that you grow crops for him. He will do this 3 times. The following crops are:

  • Melon
  • Wheat
  • Garlic
Stardew Valley 1.5 Npc - Gourmand Frog

Each time you grow the requested crop, he will give you 5 Golden Walnuts for a total of 15 Golden Walnuts. It is just that simple. 

Stardew Valley 1.5 NPC – Leo

As mentioned above, Leo is the only new NPC that has heart events. The best gift to give him is Duck Feathers. Once you get him at three hearts, he will mail you a recipe for Poi, which is another great gift to give him.

At six hearts, he will move to Pelican Town. 

When you reach seven hearts, Leo will mail you the Mango Sticky Rice recipe. There are more heart events but I do not want to spoil it for you.

That’s all the Stardew Valley 1.5 NPCs

This post just covered all the new NPCs in the Stardew Valley 1.5 update. The guide covered Birdie’s Quest, All fossils and Surveys, Gourmand Frog’s crop requests and Leo. If you learned anything new, please share this post with your friends, subscribe to the newsletter and I will see you next time. 

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