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That movie poster is like the one in Sebastian's room.

Stardew Valley Secrets You May Not Know

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Believe you know all the secrets in Stardew Valley? Think again. Even the creator, Concerned Ape, himself said that there are secrets that are still undiscovered in this simulation game. (For example, no one knows the purpose of Secret Note #11)

There might even be secrets you didn’t even know about on this list. In fact, I have spent over 200 hours in this game and I am still finding secrets. However, I did not list any that I thought was well known like clicking on Concerned Ape’s avatar when loading the game. Let’s see if any of these Stardew Valley secrets are new to you.

UPDATE: I added 1.5 secrets that I have found!! Be sure to check them out!!

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Stardew Valley 1.5 Secrets

There are a few secrets in the Stardew Valley 1.5 update. (If you want to look at the 1.5 secret fishing spots, that’s further down the blog.) If you rather just watch the quick video, it is below. Otherwise, keep reading!!

You can put hats on sea urchins inside the tanks.

You can place chairs on top of tables but better yet, you can use the chairs to reach the secret forest early. 

There are secret fishings spots (that section is down further in the blog.)

Once you complete Stardew Valley 100% go to the forge, the monkeys will give you the concerned ape mask.

The 3 Secret Statues

Did you find that lost book that seemed to contain gibberish? Even becoming one with the forest or learning the dwarven language doesn’t translate it. I originally thought this was going to be like the Al-Bhed language in Final Fantasy 10 where one letter is a different letter when translated. For example, k=w or something like that.

Stardew Valley secrets: first letter of every word is circled
I went ahead and circled them for ya!

It’s not. You take the first letter of each word to form a message. Each set of lines is a separate message. So when you do this the messages are:

Super Cucumber Town

Duck Mayo Saloon

Strange Bun Toybox

Okay…. that makes no sense. So what does this mean? As you may have guessed, you are going to need a Super Cucumber, Duck Mayonnaise, and Strange Bun.  

Now each message has a location mentioned. You need to take each item to the designated location. You will know that you found the right location if you find a box that you can interact with.

Stardew Valley Secrets: Statue 1

This is a very hard box to find. The only clue you have is that the box is somewhere in town. It is not in any of the buildings. After looking everywhere, I had to give in and watch a SharkyGames youtube video.

This box is actually in the wooded area behind the blacksmith’s house. A tree is hiding a secret passage into the fenced-in area. Place the Super Cucumber into the box and you will get the ??HMTGF?? statue.

Stardew Valley Secrets: Statue 2

Stardew Valley Secrets: Player holding a rare statue in saloon

This box is very easy to find. Go into the saloon and head into the storage area that is passed the arcade room. There is a little box there. Put the duck mayonnaise and you will get the ??Pinky Lemon??

Stardew Valley Secrets: Statue 3

This one is a little harder to find than ??Pinky Lemon??, but way easier than the ??HMTGF?? statue. A toybox will most likely be in a child’s room and there are only 2 children in Pelican town. (Unless you have children but that is optional.) So the box has to be in either Vincent’s or Jas’s room.

The toybox is in Vincent’s room. Put a strange bun in the box to get the ??Foroguemon?? statue.

What About The Other Boxes

The cursor is not a hand, therefore this is not an interactive box.

There are other boxes throughout Pelican Town but they do not do anything. If you take your cursor over the statue boxes, the cursor will change to a hand, showing that the box is interactive. When you do this to the other boxes, the cursor will not change meaning that the boxes are not interactive.

Stardew Valley Secrets or Glitches?

Many people debate whether or not glitches can be considered secrets. However, this doesn’t change the fact people love glitches. Many of the glitches were, unfortunately, patched in the last updates.

After testing out glitches mentioned on the web, the ones below are the ones I found to still be working.

Ice Cream Anyone?

Horse selling ice cream, glitch or Stardew Valley Secret?
Howdy Partner! Can I have a cookie dough ice cream?

Normally, you can only buy ice cream from Alex in the summer at the ice cream stand near the museum. However, there is a glitch to allow you to buy ice cream all year round. You have to place your horse in the correct spot behind the counter of the ice cream stand and then you will be able to buy ice cream.

I found this glitch in the same SharkyGames youtube video as mentioned above. Since this video was 3 years old, the glitch required testing. 

Locker Room Exploration

Of course it’s body builders.

Ever go to the spa and wonder what exactly is in the one locker room you are not allowed into? Well, you can find out. 

Try to go into the locker room to get a message saying you are not allowed in there. Do this 8-10 times and the message will stop popping up, allowing you access to the once-forbidden locker room. With this, you can find out who has the stinkest locker.

Stardew Valley 1.5 Secret Fishing Spots

New Secret Fishing Spots were added into the 1.5 update with goodies to find. The video above shows ALL the secret fishing spots in 1.5 if you like visual guides. The written description is below. 

The first location is on the beach farm. There is a hidden path to the southwest that will lead you to a dock. Fish here for the boat painting.

The next secret fishing spot is by Willy’s boat in the room behind his counter. You get the lifesaver decal.

Another Stardew Valley secret fishing spot is in the southeast section of the desert area. There is a pond near a bench. Fish there for a pyramid decal. 

The fountain in town is also a secret fishing spot. Fish there for a decorative trash can. 

The water by the gourmand frog on Ginger island contains a frog hat. It might take a while for you to get it. The frog hat can be caught at the same time as trash and it is also not in a present box. 

There is a secret fishing spot in the pirate cove. You will get a gourmand frog statue. You can still find it on the nights when the pirates are there. This might take some grinding because it took me forever to get it. 

Another secret fishing spot is reached by traversing the volcano river to the left side exit. Fish here for the squirrel decal.

You can fish in the pond in the secret woods to find the wall basket decal. This may be another spot you will need to grind at.  

This next spot will need some preparation. First, you will need a fishing level of 15. The way I did this was to use some Qi Gems to purchase the Qi seasoning. Then I made Seafoam Pudding with the seasoning. This made the Seafoam Pudding a gold quality item which gave me a +5 fishing level. Now, this location is below the sewer entrance in the forest. For PC users, you will have to stand on a pipe that was added to this area. For console users, stand where I am at and you will be just fine. Fishing here will net you the iridium Krobus statue. Please note that this is the only item from the secret fishing spots that you cannot catch more than one of. 

At the front of the spa, is a pool of water that contains a secret item. Not only will you find the missing necklace here, but you can also find the Vista painting here. 

The last location is in the northern part of Ginger Island. It is in the river but YOU HAVE TO FISH FOR IT FROM THE HIDDEN PATH AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN. Fish here to get the foliage print. 

Turning Stairs into Trimmed Gold Purple Shorts

Stardew Valley Secrets: Character is wearing purple shorts
Doesn’t my character look fancy in them lucky shorts?

Ever thought about trying on the stairs for good measure? Me neither but a reddit user shared this glitch. When you place stairs into your pants slot, it instantly turns into Trimmed Gold Purple Shorts. Now you can make Lewis mad by wearing them around Peclian Town, or put them in the pot luck or show them off in your grange display.

More Stardew Valley Secrets

These are more secrets and in-game mechanics that you may not know about.

You can wear your copper pan as a hat. Don’t know why you would, maybe it’s the new trending fashion. Also, there is a rare chance that you get the trash can lid as an item when dumpster diving. You can also wear it as a hat.  

You can use your sink to refill your water pail. 

In the fall, there is a small chance every day, that one of your trees on the farm can turn into a mushroom tree, as long as that tree isn’t tapped. You can also tap a mushroom tree. 

Lightning can hit your fruit trees, turning these into charcoal trees for a few days. This is rare and if you have a lot of lightning rods on your farm, this probably will never happen since most the lightning strikes are 16 times. 

There are several types of trains that come through Stardew Valley. The best train is the present train that comes through during the winter. Use your slingshot to hit this train to gain the presents.

Stardew Valley secrets: dresser mechanic
Like my lucky shoes?

Dressers are now usable thanks to the latest updates. Now there is no need to stash clothes and accessories in your chests, which take up space. 

Maybe /rosebud would work better?

Enter /money into the chat box for Concerned Ape to say, “Nice Try.”

The Crane Game

Stardew Valley Secrets: The Crane Game
That movie poster is like the one in Sebastian’s room.

The crane game at the movie theater is usable and has exclusive house decoration items like movie posters, statues, winters trees, and more. Even the trees in the back inside the game are grabbable.  

You may have not noticed this because the crane man has a chance to be playing on it before your movie starts and will always be playing on it after the movie is over. 

Stardew Valley Secrets: Easter Eggs

No no, I’m not talking about the egg festival. I am talking about references to other things. Like for example, there is a poster of Crono from the SNES game, Chrono Trigger, and a SNES system in Abigail’s room. There also is a Sega in Shane’s room with a game genie.

Stardew Valley Secrets: Vincent and the Winter door are circled

Vincent will hide behind a tree at the bottom of your farm. You can see the top of his pink hair. Also, during winter around the same spot, you will see a door behind a tree. This door is most likely a reference to Narnia.

On several trains, there will be graffiti on them like “Hop-On Abby” and Seb was here”. The one that looks like a pyramid is a reference to a stage in the Q-Bert game.

Jas even knows about Lewis and Marnie’s “secret” relationship. Check out her dollhouse and you will find a grandfather figure hiding under a bed.

That’s all the Stardew Valley Secrets for now!

I hope you learned something new. I did when researching secrets. If this helped you please share the post and I will see you next time. 

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