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7 Things I Wish I Knew About Anno 1800

Hello my fellow sim gamers. Are you new to Anno, like me, and found the tutorial to be lacking? I mean, if you are new, you don’t know what you don’t know. And to top that off, you will have to figure out many things on your own. Unless, of course, you read this post.

Regardless of your skill level, this list of things I wish I knew before Starting Anno 1800 console edition is bound to improve your city. 

Tip 1: Warehouses

In the beginning, do not build too many warehouses. If you have an overage of timber or logs, just focus on building farmer’s residences. You will need tons of farmers and workers down the road for factories, plus the higher the population, the more tax money you receive.

(Also, you can have lumber and planks set for sell at the harbor. Just make sure you are setting the minimum amount you want to keep for your city.)

In addition, production buildings require a warehouse in their vicinity so you will have to build them close to the production chains. Which means you would have to build more or move them around, if you built too many in the beginning.

What I Wish I knew About Anno Tip 2: Refinery and Warehouse Placements

Also pay attention to your placement of refineries and warehouses. Traffic flow is based on where these items are placed. If the goods, wheat for example, are closer to a warehouse than a refinery needing wheat, the carts will go to the warehouse and then the refinery. If the refinery was closer, the carts would skip the warehouse all together.

Tip 3

As you may have guessed, stone roads make carts go faster but did you know that they increase the range of services like pubs and churches? Good to know, right?

What I Wish I knew About Anno Tip 4

Taka uses a 10 x 10 block layout for his cities. You can fit all manner of buildings and arrangements in the 10 by 10 block. It makes the city look more natural too vs the 2 by 3 blocks I was making.

Tip 5

Speaking of natural, place farms in the odd spaced nooks and crannies of your island. The farm modules can fill up spaces that would be useless to other buildings due to its shape. 

What I Wish I knew About Anno Tip 6

If you are stressing where to place your heavy industries so it isn’t near the residences, don’t. Pollution in Anno 1800 affects the whole island, not just a part so it doesn’t matter where you put it. The effects are the same. 

Tip 7

Making steel beams is a profit loss in many instances. If you are required to build one for the campaign, do so and then get rid of it. It requires too many workers. Just buy them from a trader. 

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Just for a recap the tips were:

  1. Don’t build too many warehouses in the beginning 
  2. Be mindful of where you place refineries and warehouses
  3. Use stone roads to improve public services’ range
  4. Use 10 by 10 blocks to build your city
  5. Use farms to fill up the odd spaces, nooks and crannies
  6. Pollution affects the whole island, no matter where you place the heavy industries
  7. Don’t make steel beams.