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What is Cattails, the life simulation cat game?

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Cattails is a life simulation game developed and published by Falcon Development

Even though this game has been described as a Stardew Valley like game, many people still do not know what it is. This could be because it is only on Steam, Linux, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. (Available on Humble Bundle.) Well, Cattails is a simulation game that is like Stardew Valley but you are a cat.

Yes, you read that right. Even as a cat though, you can still farm, forage, fight in combat, hunt, mine, build relationships with other cats and colonies, have romance, eventually have kids, and more!

Sorta sounds like Stardew Valley right? Let’s go over the game in more detail, shall we?

The Cattails story

You are abandoned by your owner and thrown into a nearby forest. You meet Coco, who teaches you the basics and moves you into a colony. 

Eventually, he will ask for your help to restore the forest guardian. Then, you will have to fulfill each pillars’ demands in order to awaken the spirit. 

Surviving in Cattails 

In order to survive in Cattails, you will have to hunt for food, forage and protect yourself from cats from other colonies. 

There is a hungry meter at the bottom left of your screen that lets you know how hungry you are. In order to not starve, you will have to forage for berries and hunt down prey like mice, birds and fish. Of course, prey fills your belly faster than berries.

My cat is hunting the mouse. Yum!!

If you are struggling with hunting in Cattails, you can level up your hunting skill with skill points. The same can be said for foraging. 

Fights happen everyday in Cattails between the colonies. They tend to happen by the colonies’ boundaries. 

In the beginning, if the cats in your colony die and there are still many opponents, just run. They will be stronger than you. Once you level up your combat skill with skill points, then you stand a chance. 

If you defeat an opponent, they drop mews. Mews is just one currency in the game. 

Seasons in Cattails

Cattails has 4 seasons like other games but each season lasts only 10 days. So there are only 10 days to gather forage that only grows during certain seasons.

In the winter, you cannot hunt for fish because the water is frozen. Forage is also very scarce. Your main source of food during the winter will be the winterberries, mice and rabbits. 

There are festivals that happen 2 times a year at the temple.  Festivals are a great way to speak to other cats from other colonies. You cannot give gifts at festivals but you can participate in games to earn festival coins. 

Mining in Cattails

Apparently, you can mine as a cat. You need to mine in order to find ore and gemstones to sell to the mole. This is the main way to get mole cash which is needed to trade with the mole.

Just like in Stardew Valley, you find more valuable stuff the further you go down. Be sure to pack a lunch or 2 because mining makes you hungry fast!

Relationships in Cattails 

In this simulation game, there are several relationships to work on. There are relationships with colonies and individual relationships with all the cats. To raise the levels of these relationships, you need to talk to the cats and give gifts to the cats or colonies. 

Then, you have a choice of having a romantic relationship with certain cats. To start a romantic relationship with a cat, you need to give them a rose from the temple. If they accept it, you are now in a relationship. 

Doc, the gray cat, is a love option in Cattails. The red arrow points to the black heart that indicates this.
Doc is a love option in Cattails. You can tell because they have a black heart in the corner.

According to aminoapps, the marriageable cats are:

  • Missy
  • Doc
  • Scout
  • Lyrus
  • Robin
  • Arthur
  • Pebble
  • Alisa
  • Slip
  • Nil

All the cats are genderless, including yours so you can marry whoever you want!!

Your Den

You can decorate, expand and store items in your den. You can build nurseries to have kittens, an area to have a farm and much more!!

My den is still in the basic stage.

The den is also where you sleep for the night. It is also the place where you save the game. 

That’s Cattails in a nutshell

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So, does this convince you to play as a cat? If you do, you can get it at Humble Bundle. Please share this post with your friends and I will see you next time.

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