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9 Stardew Valley Challenges

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Bored with Stardew Valley?  Add some exciting challenges to your gameplay. Check out these 9 Stardew Valley challenges!

(If you rather watch the video, it’s below!!)

100% Completion Challenge

This challenge is part of the 1.5 update. If you get 100% completion, you get a cutscene with your spouse at the now unblocked area past the railroad area. You also can buy golden eggs from Marnie to hatch golden chickens. Lastly, you can get a statue of perfection from Qi’s walnut room. 

In order to get 100% completion you need to:

  • Find all the golden coconuts
  • Cook all recipes
  • Craft all items
  • Catch all fish
  • Build golden clock
  • Ship one of everything
  • Have max friendship with everyone
  • Build all obelisks
  • Complete monster slaying goals 
  • Find all stardrops
  • Have Max Levels in All Skills 

No Growing Crops Stardew Valley Challenge

I saw this challenge on a Youtube video by Mitten Squad. However, he started this challenge by using the item spawner. I do not think you should use an exploit for a challenge. Also, if you are on the console edition, you cannot even use the item spawner anyway. It’s up to you.

No Selling Crops Challenge

This Stardew Valley Challenge is pretty much explanatory. You can sell anything else except for crops. 

Completing Community Bundle with no starting tools

I saw this challenge on a Youtube video by Wand of Sparking. He says that the only farm you can use is the forest farm because the other farms make this impossible. You cannot even use the tools to make a path throughout your farm so you have to walk around the forage. 

If you want to know more about the farm layouts check out Ultimate Stardew Valley Farm Guide

He also makes this challenge harder by banning the travelling cart. It’s up to you if you want to keep that rule or not.  Also, keep in mind that you cannot use the rusty sword or the bamboo rod either. 

20 million in one year

Basically, do whatever it takes to make 20 Million in one year. Good luck. It took me 7 years to make 30 Million.

Animal Only Farm Stardew Valley Challenge

Once you get animals on your farm, you can only sell animals and animal products. (You can sell whatever you need in the beginning in order to build the barn/coop and buy the animal. After that it’s a no-go.) You can make this into a more naturalist challenge by also not allowing pins either. 

chickens for use in the animal stardew valley challenge
Chickens can lay eggs and eggs can be used to make mayo. Both can be sold in this animal challenge.

Beer Baron Stardew Valley Challenge

Basically, you can only sell Beer and Pale Ales. No wine or juices allowed on this farm. 

Winery Stardew Valley Challenge

Same as above but you can only sell wine.

Master Chef Stardew Valley Challenge

Cooking is the only way to make money in this challenge. You cannot sell anything except for what is made in the kitchen. I got this idea from the Youtube Video by BrandiganBTW

If you want to learn how to dress like Gordon Ramsay for this part, check out the video below. 

Pin me!!!!

Let me know how your challenges turned out. Be sure to check out the resources page for more Stardew Valley posts! Please share this with a friend and I will see you next time. 

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