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3 Popular Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 Theories

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Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 is unlike any other secret note in the game and I think you will agree with me. The rest of the notes are loaded with information, tips, locations of secret items and mini events but 11 is a picture with no explanation. Because of this, many people are wondering if secret note 11 actually has a purpose and have developed many theories based on the picture. (If you do not know what Secret Note 11 is, check out the Ultimate Stardew Valley Secret Note Guide) Let’s go over the facts. 

Known Facts

If you look at the picture, it looks like a younger Marnie and a toddler Jas at Marnie’s Ranch. Regardless of who is actually the woman in the photo, it shows that Jas has been there before. 

When you reach a certain amount of hearts with Jas, she will tell you, “Did you know Shane’s my godfather? He was a friend of my parents. …they died.*sniff*” 

Shane is Marnie’s nephew. He also moved in with Marnie a couple of months before the farmer moved in. 

Jas refers to Marnie as Aunt Marnie even though nothing in the game suggests they are related. 

Jas and Shane have the same hair color. 

Shane is depressed and an alcoholic. 

Marnie never mentions Jas except for in Shane’s heart events. Knowing these facts may help us understand the picture better.

Stardew Valley Secret Notes 11
Secret Note 11

Popular Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 Theory 1 

Many people believe that the woman in the picture is Marnie’s sister and Jas’ mom. If this is the case, this will make Jas Marnie’s niece. Jas and Shane would be cousins as well. Also, Shane would be the nephew of Jas’s parents. 

However as I mentioned earlier, Shane was a friend of her parents. Jas did not say he was a relative. Also, would they make her cousin be her godfather? Wouldn’t that be a little redundant if they are already related? They could have just made him the guardian in their will. 

But, if we were to judge their hair color, they could be related. (SPOILER ALERT…….. I mean look at the Wizard and Abigail’s hair. She is definitely the Wizard’s daughter. But then again, Jodi and Kent have blondish brown hair and Vincent has pink sooo….) This leads us to theory number 2.

Popular Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 Theory 2

Some people think that Jas is Shane’s actual daughter. So Jas’ mom made Shane the godfather because she knew who the real dad was. Shane could be depressed because he feels guilty that Jas is his real daughter and that he is still alive and not her parents. He started drinking to deal with the guilt. 

Well, this would explain why Shane is depressed and an alcoholic. This would also explain how Jas is Marnie’s niece and why her and Shane have the same hair color. Also, this would explain why Jas was at Marnie’s ranch when she was a toddler. (If you remember, Shane only moved in a couple months before the farmer and I am assuming he has custody since he is the “godfather.”)

The only thing I found to refute this theory is that if you have children with Shane, he will say, according to the wiki,  “It’s weird, when I was younger I swore I’d never have a kid. I wonder what happened to me?” So in this sentence, he claims he never had a child. Would he lie to his spouse about it? I honestly do not think so. 

Popular Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 Theory 3

Another theory is that Marnie is really Jas’ mom. She made up the story to Jas so that no one would know that she is Marnie’s and Lewis’ child. (Since know one in the town knows about their relationship) Some people believe that the woman in the photo is actually a younger Marnie raising Jas. 

This would explain why Jas was at Marnie’s Ranch when she was a toddler. Shane hasn’t been at Marnie’s for very long so it is not like Shane and Jas have lived there for years. Shane could feel guilty about lying to Jas and that guilt spiraled into depression and alcoholism. 

But if this was true, would Jas cry and sniffle when she tells the farmer that her parents died. If that part was made up, would she cry? Most kids do not cry over parents they do not remember but the sniffle suggests she does. If she remembers them, then her parents cannot be a lie. 

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What do you think? Do you know of any facts that could explain or refute these theories or do you have a theory of your own? Let me know in the comments because I want to know the purpose of this Secret Note!  Also, be sure to check out the resources page for more Stardew Valley posts and I’ll see you next time.

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